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World wide exclusive car importer and exporter

Bolpaktrading is one of the most well-established car dealership with a solid reputation in automobile trading. We are located mainly on Moi Avenue MOMBASA where we operate our business. We also have an office in Japan that handles our car imports.

Bolpak Trading Co. Ltd. was established in 1994 and it is one of the oldest and the leading company in Mombasa. In 2003, we opened a new branch in Japan due to growing demand for Japanese car imports. Our sister company is known as Gunmatrading Co Ltd. We export vehicles all over the world mainly to Kenya, Uganda, Pakistan and UAE. For more information about imports of cars you can visit www.gunmatrading.jp.

Bolpaktrading company welcomes you to the home of valued automobiles, machines to enjoy, drive in comfort, possess for their power, and purchase for the sheer self pleasure of proudly saying its mine Autos for play. Classics, collection, or just sweet machines bolpaktrading offers a variety of cars that promise you the dream machine you want. You can also import cars through us by placing an order you can choose Colour, model, engine Capacity and any other necessary details.


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