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Tractors and accessories

High performance, Fuel efficient, Diesel Turbocharged Engine. Less Smoke emissions due to Better Fuel Burning. Oil Cooler Added for Effective Cooling. High PTO power for efficient operation of Tube Wells, Rotavators, Threshers etc. Robust Straddle Rear Axle. Efficient oil immersed Disc Brakes. Spring suspension deluxe seat.


Durable & High Efficient 4.41 Low Noise Engine. New Aerodynamic Look with Stylish Wrapper & Grill. Oil Cooler Add for Effective Cooling. Mid Mounted Bigger Balancer for reduce Engine Vibration and Smooth Running. Improved Harness Set with Heat Shrinkage Sleeves & Water Proof Couplers. Robust Straddle rear Axle With Epicyclic Reduction Unite. Heave Duty Front Axle & Support. New Spring Suspension Deluxe Seat. Hydrostatic Power Steering. Smart Steering Wheel for Reduce Steering Effort. New Highly Effective Head Lights and Elegant Indicators. Hydraulically actuated Efficient Oil, Immersed Multi-Disc Brake System.


High Performance Perkin 4.41, low noise Engine. Reduced Emissions under ECE R49. Reduced Smoke Level. Oil Cooler added for effective cooling. Hydrostatic Power Steering. Efficient Oil Immersed Disc Brake System. Spring Suspension Deluxe Seat. Easy Accessibility to Service points.


Most economical in 50 HP range. Fuel Efficient, High Performance Engine. Rugged, Maneuverable and Compact. Ideal & versatile. Spring Suspension Deluxe Seat. Availability of parts & services facilities at your Doorstep.